What is Arare?

Arare crackers on LeiHut.comArare is a Japanese rice cracker that comes in fun shapes and flavors. These perfectly bite-sized snacks are made from glutinous rice and originally flavored with soy sauce. Other popular variations are wasabi and honey glazes. Arare often has pieces of dried seaweed (called nori) sprinkled throughout. It’s a great snack to take on the go when you want a break from boring pretzels or chips. In Hawaii, Arare is so popular you can even order it as a topping on popcorn at the movie theaters!

Here’s a quick newbie guide to the world of arare. Once you’ve got the basics, explore different varieties for new taste sensations!

Original Arare: crunchy rice crackers with a savory soy glaze in a variety of shapes.

Sakura Arare | LeiHut.com

Wasabi Peas & Peanuts: green peas or peanuts with a crunchy, hot, wasabi coating.

 Wasabi Iso Peanuts | LeiHut.com

Nori Iso Peanuts: peanuts in a crispy, crunchy, slightly sweet cracker coating.

Red Nori Iso Peanuts

Mochi Balls: peanuts with a crunchy mochi coating.

Mochi Balls | LeiHut