1. What's the Best Lei for Father's Day? Honor Dad on June 18 with Hawaii Gifts

    What’s the best Hawaii lei for Father’s Day? Delight Dad on Sunday, June 18, with a masculine-looking garland he’ll be proud to wear for a relaxing barbecue on the lanai or a fun family meal at a local restaurant.

    A lei is a perfect present for Father’s Day and other joyful get-togethers. And Hawaii gifts will please any guy, kama’aina and Mainlander alike.

    Kukui Nut Lei for Father’s Day

    A can’t-miss strategy is buying Father a kukui nut lei. These inexpensive wreaths are attractive, durable and definitely masculine. Options include the black kukui nut lei, brown kukui nut lei and tiger kukui nut lei.

    Manly Flower Lei for Dad

    If it’s an informal gathering and you think Dad would appreciate a fresh flower wreath, go with something simple yet classy, such as a green single orchid lei or purple single orchid lei. If it’s a more formal occasion, then a sophisticated green pikky orchid lei will honor the family patriarch in style.

    Lei for all on Father’s Day

    And if it’s a large event, such as a Hawaii-themed Father’s Day party, visit LeiHut’s sister website, Here you’ll find a wide variety of floral and kukui nut lei for all your guests that will fit the occasion without busting the budget.

    Whatever Hawaii gift you choose, Dad will surely be pleased by your thoughtfulness. And, most of all, by your loving presence.

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  2. What's the Best Lei for Mother's Day and Graduation Day? Expert Tips for Picking the Perfect Garlands

    Presenting a beautiful lei to Mom on Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 14, is in keeping with a thoughtful, time-honored tradition in the Hawaiian Islands and far beyond these tropical shores.

    And shortly after the Mother’s Day holiday, families and friends will celebrate student achievement in May and June by giving lei at school graduation ceremonies. Some students will receive so many lei, in fact, that their necks will disappear as their smiles grow wider and wider.

    Needless to say, the springs months are an extra-busy time for lei makers and sellers. This includes, which offers discount prices and fast shipping on a wide variety of garlands.

    How to Choose Lei for Moms

    What’s the best lei for Mother’s Day? Here are some suggestions to make Mom oh-so happy:

    When purchasing lei for the family matriarch, popular choices include garlands with sweet-smelling blossoms and intricate handwork. Two perfect examples of this are the Purple Christina Orchid Lei and Ms. World Pikky Orchid Lei. These lovely creations eloquently express appreciation for all that mothers do for their families throughout the year.

    How to Choose Lei for Graduating Students

    What’s the best lei for graduation ceremonies? Here are some ideas for honoring your favorite scholars as they clutch those diplomas and proudly embark on the next phases of their lives:

    For both male and female students, bright and showy blossoms are sure to be a hit. Consider a Green Pikky Orchid Lei with its elaborate layers of color. This stunning lei conveys a sense of importance and accomplishment.

    For girls and women specifically, think feminine and fragrant garlands. You can’t go wrong with a Yellow Shell Lei, Green Shell Lei or White Shell Lei. They’re all attractive and delicate choices.

    For boys and men, popular items include the Tiger Kukui Nut Lei, Brown Kukui Nut Lei and Black Kukui Net Lei. All these strands are masculine, durable and inexpensive.

    So whether the occasion is Mother’s Day or Graduation Day, nothing says love like a lei.
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  3. Hawaiian Eyewear Cases

    A scratch on your glasses lens is annoying and can have a harmful effect on your vision. Whether it be reading glasses or sunglasses, keeping your lenses in a protective case is the best way to ensure you can continue to see the world clearly.

    LeiHut is proud to offer a line of beautiful eyeglass pouches that are all handmade in Hawaii. Each pouch is adorned with a real coconut shell button shaped like a "honu" (Hawaiian for "turtle.") Now through March 6th, pink eyeglass pouches are 50% off! Limited quantities available. Order yours here

    Hawaiian Eyeglass Pouch Coconut Shell Honu Button Hawaiian Eyeglass Pouch

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  4. Pineapple Candy Paradise

    Pineapple Hard Candy LeiHutJuicy, tropical, and sweetened by the Hawaiian sun, pineapple is one of Hawaii's favorite fruits. It is a truly special treat because the pineapple plant takes two years to bear fruit! Locals and visitors to the islands enjoy pineapple as a snack, in meals, and desserts!

    Pineapple Hard CandyIf you can't get fresh pineapple, the next best thing to transport your tastebuds to paradise is pineapple candy! Hard candy is a perfect pick-me-up to keep around in your office desk drawer, in the car, beach bag or lunch box. Now for a limited time we have a huge sale on pineapple candy! This popular flavor is sure to fly off the shelves, so stock up on savings before it's too late! Score your bag here.

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  5. Tuna & Taro Dog Treats

    Tuna & Taro dog treatsWhen it comes to island cuisine, tuna and taro are popular ingredients. ‘Ahi is the name for bigeye tuna in Hawaii, and it is served in every way - from sushi to steaks. Taro has been a staple in the Hawaiian diet for centuries and is used to make poi.

    Tuna & Taro TLC Dog TreatsHuman beings have taken delight in these eats, and now it's time to share the tastiness with man's best friend. These fish-shaped Tuna & Taro dog treats are as cute as they are crunchy and delicious and nutritious. They're freshly baked with aloha by TLC Dog Treats in Mililani, Oahu. No preservatives or artificial ingredients are added.

    LeiHut is offering Tuna & Taro Treats for 50% off now through February 20th or while supplies last. Score your bag here before they're gone!

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  6. Coconut Candy Crazed

    Coconut Hard Candy LeiHutWe admit it, we're kind of obsessed. Okay, more than kind of. We have a total coconut CRAZE. In Hawaii, this irresistible tropical flavor gets incorporated into almost every food. From pancakes to cocktails to curries dishes, coconut is an all around performer.

    Coconut crazy people often need an instant way to satisfy their cravings. This is when coconut candies come into play. Hard candies are the perfect on-the-go solution for coconut lovers. Each piece is individually wrapped, which makes for easy stashing in desk drawers, car glove compartments, purses, lunch bags and any other place where a coconut craving may strike. Hard candies do not melt easily and stay fresh for a long time. These delicious candies are full of sweet coconut flavor and are sure to bring a smile to your lips.

    Coconut Hard Candy Bag LeiHutYou'll smile even more when you see that we've got a special limited time offer on coconut candy. Now through January 30th, or while supplies last, all coconut candy is 50% off! Stock up on savings and satisfy those cravings before it's too late! Check out the deal here.

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  7. Dog Lei SALE!

    LeiHut Dog LeiWant a special way to say "I love you" to your pet? Look no further, we've got a paw-fect gift idea: beautiful, handmade doggie leis. These yarn leis resemble the fresh flower leis that are famous in the Hawaiian islands. Each lei is lovingly made in Honolulu and shipped to lucky puppies around the U.S.A.

    Lei Woof Dog Lei PurpleDog leis are a unique and creative way to accessorize for dog training graduation, weddings, birthday parties and other special occasions. The soft yarn is so comfortable for dogs to wear that these leis make a great everyday item to show off on walks around the block or at the local bark park. Our dog model, Mia, definitely struts like a diva when she has her lei on.

    Now through February 6th, small purple dog leis are 50% off! Limited quantities available.

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  8. A FREE Breath of Fresh Air!

    Plumeria Air Freshener LeiHutAloha LeiHut fans! We've got a special offer to help you get a fresh start on the new year. For a limited time, LeiHut's plumeria scented air fresheners are FREE! You only pay 50 cents to ship anywhere in the U.S.A! Air fresheners are not just for your car. These cute boogie board shaped fresheners are also great for any other place that needs a little boost. Try them in your gym bag, school locker, dorm room, laundry room or bathroom. After a few whiffs of this lovely fragrance, you'll be transported to paradise. Click to score your FREE air freshener before it's too late!  
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  9. Kukui Nut Leis

    Kukui Nut Leis LeihutIf there is one Hawaiian accessory that has prevailed over time, the Kukui Nut Lei takes the crown. Originally worn by the islands' ali‘i (Hawaiian for "chiefs,") Kukui Nuts Leis are now a popular item for folks of all social classes.

    Kukui Nuts come from the Kukui tree, the official state tree for Hawaii. Kukui trees grow easily all around the islands, and each part of the tree has been put to good use throughout history. Its wood has been constructed into outrigger canoes, its oils have been incorporated into health and beauty products to help heal the body, and of course, its nuts have been artfully strung into leis.

    Black Kukui Nut Lei LeiHutToday, Kukui Nut leis are useful in many ways. Since they are non-perishable, they provide an easy way to give a lei greeting at any time, any place, any season of the year. Great for themed-parties, hula halaus, or as a unique and beautiful necklace! LeiHut's got a special limited time offer on kukui nut leis that will allow you to stock up on savings! Check it out here.

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  10. Mele Kalikimaka

    Mele Kalikimaka means "Merry Christmas" in Hawaiian. To celebrate this brightly hued holiday, LeiHut's put together a list of our favorite red and green goodies!

    Hawaiian BBQ Sauce LeiHutHawaiian BBQ Sauces are as red as they are full of flavor. Use 'em for ribs, pork, and chicken. Sauces are also an easy way to add Hawaiian deliciousness to sandwiches, burgers, or eggs. We love the Smokey variety - it's made with Kona coffee!

    LeiHut Reversible ToteGo green in more ways than one with this reversible, eco-friendly tote bag! Save trees and plastic bags from going into landfills by brining this tote with you when you do your grocery shopping, trips to the beach, or picnics. Cloth tote bags make an awesome gift because they fold flat to be easily packed, and they're machine washable. Totally carefree toting!

    Li Hing Gummy Mix LeiHutRed and green come together to make a fun, sweet and gummy treat! Yummy gummy bears and worms become a Hawaiian taste sensation with sprinkling of li hing powder. In Hawaii, li hing powder is used as a topping for fresh fruit, ice-cream, dried fruits, and other candies to give them a uniquely sweet and salty taste that locals love!

    What are your favorite ways to use red and green during the holidays?

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